A Good Start

We are very happy with your visit and we would be very happy to help you with the next steps.


The Start is a class for you that came visit us, and felt identified with the church and want to be more involved and be part of the family.

Our Schedule

Take note of our schedule so you don’t miss none of our meetings.

Sundays 9h

Worship Service
Come and bring your family so we can together worship God and share about Jesus Christ.

Thursdays 7:30pm

Small Groups
Small groups where we can share and got more mature in Christ and with each other.

Already member of a Small Group?

This is the next step for you that came, already did the Start class and now want to take the next step forward.
In the Small Group you will found support and help into the process of tracing a journey of overcoming and changing.
Find your group

Already did your first steps?

We understand that the baptism is a step that we should take once we understand the plan of God for us, and if you fill that you are ready for this, we would fill honored in be part of this together with you.